Build Using shipping Containers

Why Build Using Shipping Containers?

Why Build using Shipping/Cargo Containers?

Using reusable products to build homes reduces waste around the world. Plus, shipping container homes offer notable benefits to the homeowner:

Durability. Made with weathered steel, shipping containers can withstand most natural events and heavy weather

Ease of Use.

As they are already in a block shape, shipping containers can easily be used in building homes. Build a home vertically or expand horizontally.

Modern Design.

Creating a home using shipping containers is creating art. Clean lines, colorful, shipping container homes will be a discussion piece for you and your guests.

Shipping containers consist of beams that maintain the integrity of the structure of the container. In comparison, the use of marine grade plywood flooring already in place reduces the time and labor required during the home-building process.
In the case of cargo containers or freight containers, they are non – flammable due to its use steel for their construction.

Study shows that at least 6,000 people die in fires each year, while an additional 100,000 plus people get injured in combustible wood homes with millions worth of property get destroyed.

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